Water Treatment
In automobile manufacturing the rinse water is required at certain stages and also in paint booth. The DM water should be with certain level of conductivity. The technologies include deminerlization plant based on resin based technology or membrane based or could be combination of both. An objective is to have a system with optimum operating and capital cost. The raw water contaminants or TDS plays major role in selection of technology.

Wastewater Treatment
There are different types effluents coming out of automobile manufacturing unit mainly containing oil, heavy metals and organic impurities BOD/COD. The treatment plant includes different technologies like oil floatation chambers, chemo physical and precipitation process for heavy metals and organic reduction system like SBR.

Recycling /ZLD
An automobile industry produces huge amount of effluents depending on number of cars produced. This leads us to recycle wastewater by applying technologies like MBR and multi stage RO systems. The RO permeate is used back for rinsing process. RO reject with very high TDS is either evaporated in solar pond or Multi Effect Evaporators.