Water Treatment
The steam is required in sugar plants and boiler feed water requires deminerlized water with certain level of hardness, conductivity and silica. The specifications depend on type of boiler i.e. low or high pressure. The technologies include Softener to reduce hardness or deminerlization plant based on resin based technology or membrane based or could be combination of both. An objective is to have a system with optimum operating and capital cost. The raw water contaminants or TDS plays major role in selection of technology.

Wastewater Treatment
The sugar industry is an important consumer of both drinking and industrial waters used in the refining process. Wastewaters produced have an high organic load and initially in the refining process, also have an high particulate load. Thus, treatment of these wastewaters requires a process that combines mechanical, chemical, and biological treatment measures. The principle element of the purification process is based upon the aerobic activated sludge technology with one or more aeration stages.