Microelectronics / Semiconductor


UPW System
Manufacturing of wafers includes processes like etching, diffusion, photoresist, photomask etc and after each process there is a rinse step. As the microcircuits are as small as 45 to 18 nanometer, rinse water quality has to be Ultrapure Water meeting ASTM D5127-99 standard as minimum. Ultrapure Water System removes ionic impurities upto ppt level and in addition parameters like Boron, Dissolved Oxygen, particles, TOC also should be at very low level. 
UPW system includes several process steps to achieve such stringent specifications. The plant equipments are manufactured out of high purity materials like PVDF.

Wastewater System
Wafer manufacturing process produces effluents which are segregated based on their type and quantity of impurities levels which are caused by chemicals used in the manufacturing process. Wastewater treatment plants are designed in accordance like pH Neutralisation system, HF treatment systems, CMP treatment systems etc.

Recycling / Reclaim Systems
As wafer manufacturing system uses between 100 to 400 m3/hr Ultrapure water, corresponding amount of effluent of different impurity levels is produced. This makes imperative to reclaim at least 70% of water. This involves different steps of processes to purify the water in a way that it can be used back as raw water.