Zero Liquid Discharge System (ZLD)


There are lot of regions in India and also in some countries like middle east where fresh water is not available abundantly. At the same time there are stringent wastewater discharge limits set by local environmental authorities to protect environment. When there are no CETPs (Central Effluent Treatment Plants), it becomes imperative for a particular industry to implement Zero Liquid Discharge System to achieve following objectives:
 Zero Liquid Discharge System :
Dischare no water
Internal water recycling
Not polluting an environment
Consume no fresh water and thereby conserving scarce natural resources
Each type of industry produces certain quality and quantity of effluents depending on manufacturing process and type of chemicals used. It is possible to reuse or recycle entire effluent by applying one or more treatment technologies. ZLD system helps you to achieve said objective. Typically an effluent will contain high suspended solids, high TDS, Organics, heavy metals, toxic substances. We carefully understand your manufacturing process, resulting effluent characteristics and then design process system. An automation becomes integral part of our sophisticated systems to operate the plant continuously with minimum human intervention.