Waste water Treatment


Each type of industry produces certain quality and quantity of effluents depending on manufacturing process and type of chemicals used. Typically an effluent will contain high suspended solids, high TDS, Organics, heavy metals, toxic substances. We carefully understand your manufacturing process, resulting effluent characteristics and then design wastewater treatment system. An automation becomes integral part of our sophisticated systems to operate the plant continuously with minimum human intervention.
 Wastewater treatment typically includes but not limited to following :
pH Neutralisation system
Oil removal system
BOD/COD removal system
Aerobic/Anaerobic system
Advance Oxidation system
Heavy Metal removal system including Chrome, Nickel, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Cyanide
  Destruction of toxic substances
  Sludge System
  Filter Press
MBR Membrane Bioreactor
HF Treatment System